Obama's cynical ISIS speech [Letter]

September 13, 2014

President Barack Obama's speech about ISIS and the reaction to it have shown me how rotten politics are today ("Obama pursues Islamic State," Sept. 11).

When President George W. Bush went into Iraq, most Democrats wanted to know where the weapons of mass destruction were. They could not have cared less if people were being killed by the thousands by the evil administration of one tribe of the country. But now, to get the press off Mr. Obama's lack of leadership, he comes out and acts as if he cares about the sectarian killings in the area and the supposed threat to our security.

Mr. President, you and your party owe Mr. Bush a heart-felt apology. But it will never come because your hearts are hardened by dirty politics. Shame on you. Shame on America.

Michael Buttner, Bel Air

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