NFL needs to get smarter about domestic violence [Letter]

September 13, 2014

I couldn't agree with Susan Reimer more this time ("Janay Rice stands by her man," Sept. 10).

The new NFL policy to ban players for life tells their spouses or partners this: Shut up and keep your riches, speak up and be cut off financially forever from your career, be stripped of your accolades and shunned by your alma mater (we're forgetting Rutgers University's part in this process). What do you think these women will choose? I doubt they'll all be running to our all powerful commissioner to turn in their partners so that they can't feed their kids the next day.

What the NFL needs to do is have an in-house domestic violence liaison. A licensed clinical social worker or other mental health professional trained in this area who can sweep in like Olivia Pope when these women decide they need help, get them resources and information and if the couple decides to work toward resolution together, to help them. If not, help the women get on their feet and survive without these men. Then the NFL can decide what penalty should befall the perpetrator based upon what actions he is taking in return. This rushed partnership between the Ravens and the House of Ruth is to save face, and the NFL needs to get serious about their commitment to domestic violence and the only way to do that is internally.

I could write on this subject for days and days and days. I feel very passionately in support of Ray and Janay Rice.

Tiffany S. Franc

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