What did the Rice video change, exactly? [Letter]


September 12, 2014

Susan Reimer makes an excellent point that the Ravens are attempting to erase the evidence that Ray Rice ever existed ("Ravens, NFL get it wrong — again," Sept. 8). How hypocritical of them to not want to reach out and help him as he meets these hurdles. I am one woman who knows first hand what it's like to be physically abused, but I also know that people change for the better.

My opinion is that the Ravens are the pits and that the press and public should let Mr. and Mrs. Ray Rice iron out the kinks in the lives and move on. It's evident that to the Ravens organization, Ray Rice, like all the other men on that team, is a dollar-bill machine. What happened to the "Ravens Family Love?" It's all media hype.

The owner, the managers, and the general public should feel shame for executing a man they loved until after Sunday's game.

Mary M. Thomas, Baltimore

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