What did the Rice video change, exactly? [Letter]

September 12, 2014

On what planet do Roger Goodell and Steve Bisciotti live ("Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti writes in letter, 'we let you down' in handling Rice incident," Sept. 9)? The first video showed Mr. Rice dragging his fiancée out of the elevator unconscious. She was on the floor. If he wasn't responsible for her being in that condition, don't you think he would have been carrying her in his arms? Obviously, she had been beaten. That seemed to be the given at the time. If they didn't think he had beaten her, why did they punish him in the first place? Why do they now have to have seen a video of the beating? Give him a certain length of time for suspension, and then put the man back to work and tell the media to find someone else to crucify!

Mary F. Harris

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