Orioles experiment with extra security measures ahead of MLB mandate

By Opening Day next season, all 30 clubs must have screening program

September 11, 2014|By Dean Jones Jr. | The Baltimore Sun

The Orioles recently joined a growing number of teams to institute additional security procedures to prepare for Major League Baseball's requirements at the beginning of next season.

While the added measures currently are in effect at some entrances to Camden Yards, MLB has mandated that all 30 ballparks develop a screening program before Opening Day in April.

"The safety of our guests is of the utmost importance to the ballclub. As such, the Orioles are cooperating with Major League Baseball's efforts to implement enhanced security measures at all ballparks," Orioles vice president of communications Greg Bader said in a statement. "Such procedures are currently in place at select locations around the ballpark, with the understanding that the program may be expanded to all entrance gates beginning next season."

The directive, which requires that each team begin using handheld or walkthrough metal detectors at its ballpark, is part of the MLB's continuing work with the Department of Homeland Security.

Several teams already have taken steps to follow MLB's mandate.

Last year, the New York Mets, the San Francisco Giants and the Boston Red Sox were among a handful of teams to experiment with a screening program.

The Seattle Mariners started using metal detectors at the beginning of this season. Recently, the New York Yankees and the Cincinnati Reds were among teams to add extra security measures to prepare for 2015.



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