Bisciotti defends decision to not speak immediately on Rice release

Harbaugh was lone team official to address matter on Monday

September 10, 2014|By Jeff Zrebiec, The Baltimore Sun

Hours after the Ravens terminated the contract of Ray Rice on Monday, John Harbaugh stood behind a microphone and in front of a horde of cameras and reporters and addressed one of the most difficult days in franchise history.

Where was owner Steve Bisciotti or general manager Ozzie Newsome?

Both were criticized by the local and national media for their failure to make themselves available to answer questions. Bisciotti, however, defended the decision in an interview with The Sun earlier today.

"It seems to me that people thought we were shunning our responsibilities," Bisciotti said. "That seems to be pretty consistent. So for me to say, I regret that people thought we threw John out there and we should have been the ones, I will tell you that this was so emotionally tough on us on Monday that there is no way I could have prepared to meet the press that day. There’s just no way."

Bisciotti also acknowledged that he was concerned that he would have misspoke, adding to an already difficult situation  

"I think whatever we gained by going out there and talking, we wouls have lost by saying the wrong things," Bisciotti said. "If Ozzie has taught me one thing in our 14 years together, it’s that any big decision, he likes to sleep on. I want an answer right way. Ozzie never gives it to me. He always says, ‘Let me think on it, I’ll talk to you tomorrow about it.’ We’ve come to learn to wait on Ozzie and we usually get good counsel when it comes to football decisions. I channeled him when we decided that we weren’t ready to talk to the press that day."


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