'House of Cards' rolls in Aberdeen with shooting Monday, Tuesday

Scenes for third season of show were also shot Tuesday at Churchville Quarry

  • Signs direct crew members to Knight Takes King Productions, producer of "House of Cards," which will be filming in Aberdeen this week.
Signs direct crew members to Knight Takes King Productions,… (BRYNA ZUMER | AEGIS FILE…)
September 09, 2014|BRYNA ZUMER and MATT BUTTON

The makers of "House of Cards" don't show their hand often, but Aberdeen officials were tipped off that the hit Netflix is being filmed in their city at least part of this week.

The show was expected to be filmed at the Bernard J. Tobin American Legion hall next to Aberdeen City Hall late Tuesday afternoon into the evening, according to security people who were helping with the set up earlier around the hall.

During a meeting at city hall Monday afternoon, Aberdeen Police Department Lt. Fred Budnick told city council members to expect the film crew in the neighborhood the following day.

Budnick said part of the street would be blocked off near the legion, city hall and Festival Park, but he didn't expect traffic to be seriously affected.

He said the people he spoke with at "House of Cards" were "very receptive, very pleasant."

Reached by phone Monday night, Eric Bannat, a member of the show's location department, declined to discuss any details of filming but did say the show has been shooting in Aberdeen lately and confirmed that the crew could be temporarily closing North Parke Street Tuesday.

The show was also filmed in a private residence and a church in Aberdeen on Monday, Bannat said.

Hours before any shooting was scheduled Tuesday, film crews from Knight Takes King Productions were setting up in and around the legion hall, which was being converted into the Bettenberg Union Hall, as crew members cut grass around the hall and set up equipment.

The crew had changed the front awning for to the post to reflect its "union hall" conversion. A similar change was made to one side of the marquee sign outside the building.

A few residents strolled by the legion post almost as if nothing were happening, some stopping to ask security guards posted near the entrance what was happening and then moving on once their question was answered.

Orange cones lined the street across from the post along Festival Park to reserve parking for large tractor trailer trucks and other production company vehicles that were expected to roll into town later in the afternoon.

Most of that equipment was a few miles northwest of Aberdeen at the Churchville Quarry off Route 136 where an early afternoon shoot was taking place. A Harford County Sheriff's Office deputy, who was controlling access to the quarry area from Snake Lane, said only people working on the shoot could go through.

This week's shooting in Harford is for the third season of the political drama starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright.

During the summer of 2012, some scenes were shot in and around Havre de Grace, which served as a stand-in for the South Carolina hometown of Spacey's character, Frank Underwood.

Last summer, crews were observed shooting on a residential street in West Bel Air and at an Edgewood apartment complex.

"House of Cards" has several undisclosed Harford County locations used for staging and for filming interior scenes. In addition, hundreds of people have shown up for open casting calls for extras that have been held at the Bel Air Reckord Armory, most recently in early June.



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