Jack Barakat of The Rockwell

Guitarist for All Time Low is co-owner of Fells Point bar

September 09, 2014|By Wesley Case, The Baltimore Sun | By Wesley Case, The Baltimore Sun

Even though he was a child during rock 'n' roll's hedonistic late '80s, Jack Barakat hopes to inject the same party-hard attitude into the Fells Point bar scene. The 26-year-old guitarist of All Time Low — which started in Towson and has blossomed into one of pop-punk's most known bands — is now a co-owner of The Rockwell, the bar-lounge hybrid that originally opened as Vale Tudo last November. (The name change, which became official in June, aims to better reflect the rock vibe, according to management.)

Calling from his Canton home, Barakat recently discussed hosting parties at The Rockwell, All Time Low's 2015 plans and more.

When did you officially become a co-owner?

I joined The Rockwell probably about two months ago. I tried to keep it on the DL. I wanted everything to be right before I announced it.

You've hosted parties at The Rockwell, and plan to do more. How do you envision them ideally?

After our shows, sometimes we throw parties backstage or we have a designated bar where we go after the shows on tour. The parties are just crazy, man. ... I just like that rock 'n' roll vibe. I would like to feel like it was like back in the '80s and early '90s with rock 'n' roll. We're trying to bring that back.

Aside from music, what makes a great rock 'n' roll bar?

I think it's the vibe, man. I think it's just about having a good time. There's not a lot of rules there. There's never a cover. It's just a laid-back vibe. There's no dress code. It's just come and drink. In essence, a bar should just be a place to come have a good time and not worry about rules or dress codes or any of that stuff.

I've been denied getting into Bond Street [Social] sometimes because I have Nikes on. I'm like, "Dude, we're in Fells Point right now. This is an area to go out and have a good time. This isn't Beverly Hills."

What's the latest news with All Time Low?

I think at some point we'll have a new record out next year. I don't know when. We're obviously writing right now. We have a large amount of touring next year. We just booked an arena tour in the U.K. That's big news for us. We're doing Australia, and I'm sure we'll do a U.S. tour. We've got a lot of stuff coming up. I'm sure we'll be here in Baltimore at some point a couple of times next year.

What's your favorite beer and your favorite mixed drink?

Beer, I'm going to go with Yuengling. It's the standard for me. It's hard to find outside this area of the world, to be honest. Once you get past the Midwest, you really can't find it, which is crazy. I don't usually do mixed drinks. I usually just do Jameson straight or bourbon straight. Maybe a little ginger ale in my Jameson, but that's about it.

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