A 'reader' strikes back at 'headline' [Letter]

September 08, 2014

I read with interest the recent article on the proposed magnetic levitation train running between Washington, D.C. and Baltimore ("Billions lined up for 'maglev,'" Sept. 4). The term, "maglev," is not an obscure high-tech term. It is, at best, something of a portmanteau like "telephone" or "Internet" and every bit as hard for the "average" person to "figure out."

The term is at least 40 years old, so I'm not sure why the "headline writer" felt it necessary to "enclose" the term in "quotes" unless he or she feels that the "majority" of the "readership" is "stupid" which may even be "true" but does not excuse The Sun for dumbing down its content to reach the "lowest common denominator."

I look forward to more "features" on this topic that aren't led by headlines that "insult" my "intelligence."

Steve English, Clarksville

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