Why no love for the Orioles? [Letter]

September 08, 2014

As I was reading The Sun's recent editorial, "The Tell-Tale Heart" (Sept. 5), I almost choked on my coffee. I've read some very pro-Ravens articles in the editorial section over the years and a few not so complimentary editorials on the Orioles — even over the past three seasons when the team has returned to the winning franchise many of us have known most of our lives — but the comments and poor writing today in this article made me question why I subscribe to this paper.

In what was supposed to be an uplifting piece about our areas good fortune of having two quality teams vying for championships in major sports, it turned out to be an "ode to Ravens" piece. According to the writer, baseball is a sport that "bills itself as the nation's pastime." The author goes on to say "football, based on ratings, actually deserves that title." Do you really need to throw that in there?

From there the editorial digresses into a look at what we can expect from the upcoming Ravens season, complete with records, stats on the defense, and a look at place kicker Justin Tucker's field goal percentage. There is speculation about Joe Flacco returning to Super Bowl MVP form and the great won loss record of Coach John Harbaugh, and it just goes on and on gushing on Ravens speculation.

Totally ignored is what the Orioles are doing that doesn't require speculation. The Orioles are only having a superior season where they are running away with the American League East division and chasing Major League Baseball's best record. They have a great team full of exciting and extremely likable players, but you would never know it from this article. Not one single player on the Orioles is mentioned and nowhere to be found is the man who makes this machine go — Manager Buck Showalter.

I get it. The Sun's editorial board is gaga over the Ravens and most likely its members aren't baseball fans, but the paper should know better and employ editorial writers who produce much higher quality editorials that stick to a theme. This one did not and it was so bad it made me write to you this morning to point it out.

Mark Flemister, Ellicott City

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