Will Baltimore casino have a short shelf life? [Letter]

September 04, 2014

The sky isn't quite falling yet, but gambling casinos are folding like battered beach chairs in Atlantic City ("Baltimore's casino reality," Aug. 26)

It seems any lingering mention of Atlantic City evolving into an East Coast version of Las Vegas has been carried away in the Atlantic Ocean surf.

I can remember 30 years ago when everyone spoke of the new gambling mecca in Atlantic City as the shining star of the Mid-Atlantic region. My, how the supposedly mighty have fallen. Two casinos have shuttered their doors and another closing is imminent.

The spanking-new Horseshoe Casino in Baltimore opened last week. Did someone mention the words "casino shelf life" or "casino planned obsolescence" before the ribbon-cutting?

The primary goal of enterprises like the Horseshoe is to lock on to the wallets and purses of patrons who, from a financial perspective, have no right being in there in the first place. We all know the house always wins. The customers always scream "uncle" first, and that means in the big picture Baltimore loses.

Will this lamentable building be serving the same purpose two or 10 years from now? It's a gamble, no pun intended.

To the financially bereft citizens of Baltimore City and surrounding regions, please tread carefully. This monstrosity is tailored to siphon your savings before you can bellow "Go O's!"

Patrick R. Lynch, Nottingham

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