Upton Mansion should tell a richer story [Letter]

September 03, 2014

I was happy to see Jacques Kelly give the Upton Mansion some much needed attention in "Upton Mansion awaits someone to revive it." Still, it is unfortunate that Mr. Kelly focuses on Upton's value as a historic house along the lines of Mount Clare or Homewood. There has been a lot of debate in the preservation community about the need for more house museums. Why devote limited resources to yet another monument to Baltimore estate owners, many of whom made their fortunes off slavery or owned slaves?

Upton could potentially speak to a much richer and longer history, especially since, as Mr. Kelly noted, it is the former home of both a segregated school and an integrated school system administration building. The future of Upton should reflect its varied past that ties into urgent present issues with which the Baltimore grapples daily: racism and segregation, educational disparities, and massively unequal resource allocation.

Paige Glotzer, Baltimore

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