History shows Red Line would devastate Canton, Fells Point [Letter]

September 03, 2014

The article "City, county agree to help pay for Red Line as cost rises to $2.9 billion" (Aug. 26) was disturbing. As one who was born and raised in the area, I remember well the many trains moving along Fleet Street and Aliceanna Streets when automobile traffic (crossing both north and south) would come to a complete halt. While waiting for the box cars to pass, there were times they would then be reversed in moving — thereby doubling your wait time to cross. Many houses on both sides of the streets took the brunt from the heavy trains causing them to vibrate and shake. Not only were these two corridors a nuisance but traveling on Boston Street — an extension of both streets mentioned — was another. Thankfully, there was room to drive alone side the coupled trains whether moving or parked. Occasionally, an auto would side-swipe them because of their enormity.

Granted, the goods in the trains were a necessity. However, it's been a relief to witness the train traffic's demise. This emergence of new track service will wreak havoc to the many inhabitants in the area (visitors as well). The Red Line, will undoubtedly follow near or the same path in the areas mentioned. Should this project ever go forward and become reality, the Fells Point and Canton areas will experience just another repeat of the past. Desecration will soon follow in these ever evolving areas.

Like the old saying goes "leave well enough alone."

Bernard Helinski, Baltimore

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