Cops in the movies are all sharpshooters, but that's not real life [Letter]

September 02, 2014

Reader Bruce Knauff asks why police shoot to kill rather than merely injure or maim ("Why do police always shoot to kill?" Aug. 29).

Such questions come from people watching too many movies. Just like the CSI effect in courtrooms, people think the scenarios set up by Hollywood are plausible in real life.

If you're close enough, it might be easy to shoot someone's leg when they're standing still and you are standing still. When you or they are moving, however, you have to aim at the largest part of the body, which is the torso.

I agree the police resort to guns quickly in situations that might have been handled another way. But it can also be very scary when someone unbalanced is coming at you with a knife.

Patti Jakusz, Catonsville

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