Brown trashes his opponent [Letter]

September 02, 2014

On the same day The Baltimore Sun reported on the enormous size of Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown's campaign chest, my wife, the registered Democrat in the family, received a four-page color ad trashing Larry Hogan. Seventy-some days prior to the election, the Maryland Democratic Party has chosen to trash Mr. Brown's opponent instead of highlighting Mr. Brown's qualifications and achievements.

I don't mind the negative ads but this was overkill, too early in the cycle and wrong. Mr. Brown, you have been in the governor's office for a long time. I look forward to hearing what you think are your accomplishments. One short tip for you: Don't include taxes and fee hikes. I know they are many but most of the taxpaying citizens of this state don't see them as accomplishments.

Tom Morton, Catonsville

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