Right prescription for the Chesapeake Bay [Letter]

August 26, 2014

Understanding Marlene A. Condon's plea for us all to take responsibility to save our Chesapeake Bay ("If you break it, you pay for it," Aug. 22) gives us overall plans to save the bay.

Saving the bay under Ms. Condon's plans would simultaneously create green jobs, save species, clean the air and water, greatly beautify the landscape while reducing global warming through the trees, shrubs and flowers replacing much of the "largest crop grown" in the Chesapeake watershed —you guessed it, law and turf, which pollutes storm water runoff like pavement does and with it, pesticides, fertilizers and the exhausts of countless mowers and weed trimmers all adding to the slow death of our bay.

Oh, and the bees, our pollinators, could thrive as well if we would follow the vision offered in this excellent commentary. Please reprint, "If you break it, you pay for it." The Chesapeake Bay is sacred and now is the time to take action.

Theresa Reuter, Baltimore

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