Boyfriend allegedly wrapped body in tarp, then dropped it along road

Clyde Campbell, charged in murder, made previous threats, court documents show

  • Police have identified a body found in Dundalk July 29, 2014, as Dorothy Iris Grubb of North Point. Her boyfriend, Clyde Calvin Campbell, has been arrested on an open warrant for a prior weapons violations, police said.
Police have identified a body found in Dundalk July 29, 2014,… (Photos provided by Baltimore…)
July 31, 2014|By Jessica Anderson, The Baltimore Sun

Dorothy Grubb said she feared her boyfriend would kill her. She wrote in court papers that he threatened to do that, then throw her in his truck and drive off down the road.

Two years later, according to police, Clyde Campbell followed through on that threat.

Police charged the 53-year-old Campbell in Grubb's death Wednesday, a day after they found her body on the side of Peninsula Expressway in Dundalk. Investigators said Campbell loaded the body, wrapped in a tarp, into his Ford F-150 pickup truck. Grubb's family had reported her missing on Saturday.

The circumstances surrounding her death, described in charging documents, are eerily similar to threats she reported two years before.

On Aug. 1, 2012, Grubb filed for a protective order against Campbell, writing, "He said Monday morning if you keep f-ing with me, I will kill you and throw you in my truck and drive down the road."

He had also warned that he had become depressed and would "hurt a lot of people." She said that months earlier, he had put his hands around her neck until she asked him to stop. Grubb wrote in the document that Campbell was bipolar and that he stashed guns and knives around the house, including under the sofa and the bed.

"I was afraid for my life," she said.

But two weeks later, she had a change of heart and filed to rescind her request for the protective order.

"We want to work on our relationship," she said, adding that Campbell had locked up his pellet gun and knives in the shed. "He said he will never hurt me. He said he wants to be nice."

But on the night of July 24, neighbors heard the couple arguing at their home, they would later tell police.

Police were called the same evening to the home in 1700 block of Manor Road for a child abuse call, and Campbell and his son spoke to the officers in the backyard.

A witness, who was not identified in the document, later told detectives investigating Grubb's death that the couple had been arguing in the second-floor bathroom, but the argument ended after the witness heard a loud pop.

Campbell left the bathroom, only to return a few minutes later and turn off all the upstairs lights. He then dragged Grubb's body from the bathroom, down the stairs to the back yard where he put her into a tarp, the charging document alleges. He put the tarp, along with two bags of cans and a dirt bike, into the truck bed and left, police said.

Two days later, Grubb's daughter, Kristi, called police because she hadn't seen or heard from her mother. Police said Campbell was also missing. According to the charging document, he had driven to Ocean City on the night of her death, stopping to dispose of carpet from their home.

Police arrested him Monday morning on Merritt Boulevard on an unrelated weapons charge. He is not permitted to possess a rifle or shotgun because of prior convictions.

On Tuesday night, police found Grubb's body about 31/2 miles from the couple's home near a tree line along Peninsula Expressway, about a quarter-mile northwest of Reservoir Road.

When questioned by police, Campbell said that Grubb slipped and broke her neck in the bathroom and that the death was unintentional.

Campbell does not have an attorney listed in online court records. Attempts to reach Grubb's daughter at her home were unsuccessful.

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