'So You Think You Can Dance' recap, The Top 10 are chosen

  • Top 14 contestants Casey Askew and Jessica Richens perform a Contemporary routine to "Like Real People Do," choreographed by Travis Wall.
Top 14 contestants Casey Askew and Jessica Richens perform… ( Adam Rose )
July 31, 2014|Amy Watts | For The Baltimore Sun

Tonight's going to be BRUTAL, with four dancers eliminated so we can get down to a Top 10 for next week.

The top 14 do a group dance with a lot of white clothes. Ricky gets featured A LOT, in case you're wondering who this season's darling is. Jacque, though, gets a tremendous leap that elicits a "Whoa" from the audience and my mom.

The contestants are introduced in pairs, based on who they danced with last week -- the notable exception being Jessica & Casey, newly paired after their former partners were eliminated last week:

Valerie Rockey & Ricky Ubeda

Bridget Whitman & Emilio Dosal

Tanisha Belnap & Rudy Abreu

Carly Blaney & Serge Onik

Emily James & Teddy Coffey

Jacque LaWarne & Zack Everhart

Jessica Richens & Casey Askew

Stacey Tookey choreographed the opening number. Cat's wearing a very colorful, overly patterned dress. It hurts my eyes.

Regular judges Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe are joined tonight by Christina Applegate. Huh. I didn't remember she'd been nominated for a Tony.

Results: Cat does things a little differently. If she reads out your name, you're in the Top 10. If she doesn't, you're one of the six in danger of elimination and will have to do a solo tonight to fight for the last two spots in the Top 10.

Safe: Bridget, Emilio, Jacque, Ricky, Tanisha, Rudy (whom Cat calls "Scarlett O'Hara"), Valerie and Zack.

Potentially eliminated tonight: Carly, Serge, Jessica, Casey, Teddy and Emily.

Tonight's interview topic is "What would your partner bring to the Top 10?"

Emilio tells us Bridget would bring "congeniality," because she was on the Homecoming court all through high school and Homecoming queen her senior year. Emilio would bring a "potty mouth" to the top 10. I feel you, Emilio.

They get a jazz piece with Ray Leeper, who tells them they're on a "mission from Hell," come to earth to convince someone to give up their soul. This explains why Bridget is in shiny red spandex which is clearly OF THE DEVIL. Their synch is just a touch off in some of the side-by-side moves. They only look evil in a 1980s Pat-Benatar-video kind of way.

Nigel calls it a fun routine and says Emilio was fabulous. However, he wants Emilio to pull his shoulders down more. He tells Bridget he wanted her down more, using her thighs. Christina criticizes Emilio because sometimes she thinks she "could see him dancing," in the same way a director might criticize an actor they can "see acting."

Rudy says Tanisha will bring her hiccups to the Top 10. She apparently hiccups a lot. Tanisha teases that Rudy will bring his incredibly quiet demeanor.

Mandy Moore is giving them a seduction scene routine to a Celine Dion song. Never change, Mandy. It's a lot of lifts to begin the routine. I'm impressed by Rudy's strength.

Christina stands up and applauds. She praises Rudy for being so connected to Tanisha throughout the routine. Mary screams. Then Rudy screams. Then Cat screams. Then everybody's screaming and I need some headache medicine.

Mary praises the overhead lift, not just for the strength, but because Tanisha has to trust Rudy and Rudy has to trust himself when he goes from holding her with both hands to only one. Nigel says, "Real men don't lift weights, they lift women." He also praises Tanisha for her part in the lifts, saying she could be "just a sack of potatoes," but she wasn't.

Now for our first "Keep Me, Keep Me" solo of the night: Serge. I always feel bad for the ballroom dancers having to do solos. Ballroom dance moves are meant to be done with a partner and look silly done solo.

Jacque would bring to the Top 10 her excellent customer service skills, based on her experience working in a grocery store. Zack will bring his "mad rapping skills," which he proceeds to demonstrate. Wanna take back some of those votes now, America?

They're doing a vampiric Paso Doble choreographed by Jean-Marc Genereux. I'm not sure there is anyone less believable as a vampire than the tap dancer from Kennesaw. It's choreographed to "Dragula" by Rob Zombie. There are strobe lights throughout and my headache intensifies.

The judges have all put in fake vampire teeth and Mary goes after Nigel's neck. Cat quips that "they're all going to have rabies after this." Mary loves the choreography, loves the costuming. She warns Jacque about her shoulders. Nigel agrees about the costumes and congratulates the wardrobe department for winning a technical Emmy this week. He calls the dancers "magnificent." Christina praises Zack's presentation and calls Jacque "splendid."

Second solo: Carly in an ugly pink dance leotard with a small skirt. It makes her look very prissy and undermines the feel of her routine.

Next there's an extended commercial in for the next "Step Up" movie, in the form of an interview with Cyrus and Twitch. (Twitch, I love you, but life's too short to go with your weird way of capitalizing your name.)

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