Reimer shows prejudice in immigration demonstration column [Letter]

July 30, 2014

Susan Reimer's op-ed about a peaceful demonstration in Annapolis lacked any substance. She repeatedly referred to the demonstrators as "hateful" without quoting a single hateful remark ("Hate-filled immigration demonstration hits home," July 23). Instead of even attempting to analyze the arguments of the demonstrators about securing the borders or even attempting to make a rational counter argument, she calls them names and says that they hate "other people's children." Was there a sign that said that they hate children?

It is intellectually lazy to simply say that those who disagree with Ms. Reimer are "hate-filled," "vile," and "ignorant." Ms. Reimer's suggestion that 57,000 illegal immigrants wouldn't take up much space in our country and we wouldn't "even notice they are here," misses the point that there are legal ways to come into the country.

Richard Kay, Baltimore County

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