Ray Rice got off lightly [Letter]

July 28, 2014

Within moments of the NFL's two-game suspension of Ray Rice, various sport organizations and victims rights groups stated their displeasure with Roger Goodall's decision ("Rice suspended 2 games," July 25).

However, Ravens General Manager Ozzie Newsome and Coach John Harbaugh continue to vehemently defend Mr. Rice's behavior and stated the "circumstances would determine the consequences" — as if to infer Janey Rice somehow contributed to being knocked out cold and therefore a two-game suspension was fair.

I have a hunch if Mr. Harbaugh's daughter was on the receiving end of a knock-out punch from an NFL player he would expect a stronger penalty from the NFL — and wouldn't be so understanding of poor Ray and his "silly," as Mr. Harbaugh calls it, off-season arrest antics.

Martha Lappe, Baltimore

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