Baltimore should be proud of Ray Rice [Letter]

July 28, 2014

Ray Rice is a true role model ("NFL misses its chance to send a message," July 25).

An athlete, actor or other public figure is not a role model simply because they are a public figure. They become role models only when they do something worthy of attention and emulation.

Sure, Mr. Rice messed up. But he also demonstrated in full public view the absolute correct way to behave when you do mess up. And how many of us haven't messed up one way or the other?

Mr. Rice has taken full responsibility for his actions, with no excuses, justifications or blaming of others. He has taken steps to learn and do better (counseling, listening, making amends) and he has accepted his punishment with dignity and humility — no complains, appeals or outrage.

He is a role model of whom Baltimore should be proud.

Sonny Taragin

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