'True Blood' recap, 'Karma'

July 28, 2014|By Lauren McEwen | For The Baltimore Sun

This wasn’t the most exciting episode of “True Blood,” but it did what it could to move the story along.

Trouble for Pam and Eric

Eric Northman, still in his Texan cowboy disguise, stands dazed in the tunnel in which we left him last episode, vision wonky thanks to the Hep V. Still, he makes short work of a bunch of machete-bearing Yakuza members -- until a couple more turn up, holding Pam by the neck with a silver chain.

Captured, they are taken to a Yakanomo Corp. building, where they are placed in a windowed room to meet the sun. With a few minutes to sunrise, in strolls “Mr. Gus, Jr.” the North American president of Yakanomo Corporation. The corporation is bankrupt, after what happened with True Blood, and he is seeking Pam and Eric’s help in order to find Sarah Newlin and exact revenge.

At first Eric refuses to cooperate, but Pam isn’t about to die in “a room with wall-to-wall carpeting.” Eric gets on board, but on one condition: he wants to kill Sarah, which is a no-go for Mr. Gus, Jr. Frustrated, Pam diffuses the ego fest with her usual sass. Eric offers to kill Sarah and give Gus the body. It’s a deal, and Gus lowers the shades.

They figure that Sarah will run to her vampire sister, Amber, now that both of her parents are dead, and agree to head over there at nightfall.

They’re right. Growing ever more desperate, Sarah hightails it to Amber’s house, breaking in through the back door. Amber tackles her within a few minutes, baring her fangs, ready to commit some long overdue sororicide. Unfortunately, just as she is about to bite, Amber’s illness takes over and she starts puking up blood.

Realizing her sister is sick, Sarah shows concern. But Amber blames Sarah, since she kind-of helped invent Hep V in the first place. Sarah promises that she’s changed. In fact, she’s a totally new person, Numi. On the run, she wound up with the guru and has become a Buddha.

Amber is obviously skeptical, but Sarah/Numi believes that this all happened for a reason: when the vampires raided the camp, she drank the antidote to Hep V and now wants to heal her sister.

When Eric, Pam and the Yakuza arrive at Amber’s house after nightfall, they find Amber…totally cured. So, the Eric-and-Bill-might-die fake-out may finally come to an end.

Bill’s going through it 

Shaken about being sick, Bill dials up a lawyer named Madeline Kapneck to set an appointment to get his affairs in order. Of course, Jessica gets home at that very moment and overhears everything.

Bill arrives at his destination, where vampires are waiting for hours for an appointment with Kapneck. While he waits, the Hep V veins start to instantaneously spread down his arm. Another vampire notices, and is shocked because he’s never seen Hep V work that way before.

It’s spreading down his chest by the time he goes in to see Kapneck. He wants to sign over his estate to Jessica, but due to a law passed by the late Gov. Burrell, citizens cannot posthumously bequeath property. There is, however, an option to adopt Jess, but that will take five months to a year … unless Bill pays her $10 million to be moved to the front of the line.

Refusing to be extorted, he tries to glamour her, which obviously doesn’t work, because she’s obviously wearing anti-glamour contacts (Which are now available at Walgreens!). Bill’s virus is accelerating faster than normal, which probably has something to do with Sookie being half-fairy.

Anyway, Kapneck isn’t moved by a lecture Bill tries to give her on greed. Many sick, centuries-old vampires have whined to her about impending death, which leads to a frustrated Bill stabbing her in the chest with a letter opener.

LaLa and Lettie take a trip

Lafayette takes Lettie Mae to his house. Since the Reverend is still passed out high on the Benedryl Lettie slipped him, Lala plans to keep an eye on his auntie. Problem is, James is waiting when they show up, looking for a place to crash.

Of course, Lafayette’s down to let him stay. He warns Lettie not to get any ideas about trying to knife James for his blood, and Lettie goes into her whole “Tara speaks to me when I’m high on V” spiel. Surprisingly (or too conveniently, depending on which TB viewer you ask) James is down to give Lettie some of his blood. He reminds Lafayette that substances can elevate the consciousness, so Lettie may actually be talking to Tara.

Lafayette begrudgingly agrees, deciding to do V with his aunt, one last time. After that, he tells her that he’s shutting the entire business down.

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