Great Baltimore cocktails: the Puerto Rican Sensation at Home Slyce

  • So many complex layers: The Puerto Rican Sensation at Home Slyce.
So many complex layers: The Puerto Rican Sensation at Home Slyce. (Evan Siple, Baltimore Sun )
July 22, 2014|By Evan Siple | For The Baltimore Sun

Not gonna lie, not even going to try and fib: I'm somewhat obsessed with layered drinks.

There's just something magical about seeing layers of colors representing flavors in a glass, begging for the option of preservation throughout the cocktail experience — or total layer devastation with the flick of a straw. If layers are your thing, then I've discovered another option worthy of your attention at one Rivserside eatery known as Home Slyce.

Bartender Ricardo Vargas is always noodling around with little cocktail creations, but finally decided to go whole hog with creating a cocktail of his own to fit his personality. It's what he describes as, "The sensation you feel on the beach in Puerto Rico." Being Puerto Rican himself, that part made sense. But the personality portion of the equation was later explained: "It's nice and sweet — like me!" Hence, the Puerto Rican Sensation is a done deal.

Question: Do you like basil? Well you better, because the Puerto Rican Sensation is loaded with a great deal of the pungent herb. Mixed and muddled with lemon slices, Bacardi Limon, simple syrup, sour mix and Monin pomegranate syrup (with makes a mighty fine soda pop on its own), the resulting bit of artwork is a brightly colored creation that is indeed sweet — very sweet. And the basil flavor packs quite a punch, which melds well with the citrus elements and colorful red pomegranate tartness. For me, I'd opt out of the simple syrup and go for a slightly less sweet Puerto Rican Sensation, but then it wouldn't be sweet like Ricardo now, would it?

Either way, this libation can be enjoyed a layer at a time — basil with Limon, pomegranate and sour, or if you prefer, be mixed all up before the first sip. Tried one way or the other, it's still a refreshing Ricardo-esque cocktail worthy of your seven hard-earned dollars.

How to make the Puerto Rican Sensation

2 oz. Bacardi Limon

Small handful basil leaves

4 lemon slices

Simple syrup to taste

Sour mix to taste

1/2 oz. Monin pomegranate syrup

Soda water

Muddle basil and lemon in shaker. Combine Bacardi Limon, syrup and sour mix; shake.

Pour into glass and add ice, soda water to top; mix. Add Monin syrup for color or mix in first step if layering effect is not desired.

Where to get the Puerto Rican Sensation

Home Slyce

1741 Light St., Riverside



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