Comcast has a local VP? Who knew? [Letter]

July 17, 2014

In response to the letter from Comcast's beltway region Vice President Tom Coughlin ("Comcast provides competitive services in Baltimore," July 9), it was refreshing to find that you do exist, although your customers have no way of knowing that, especially if they have a service complaint. I have had to talk to people in Panama, Florida, Pennsylvania and finally in White Marsh. I could hardly make out what they were saying, and they had a hard time with me as well.

How about some local trouble numbers that will connect to someone here in the Baltimore area immediately? Oddly enough, when I visited Florida the Comcast office down there was all local, in Fort Lauderdale, and the service calls came out of there. Everyone was happy!

Joseph Schvimmer, Pikesville

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