Refugee children get callous treatment [Letter]

(KAL/Baltimore Sun )
July 14, 2014

Regarding the thousands of Central American children fleeing to our country, where are America's religious leaders ("America's refugee crisis," July 9)? For too many Americans, our so-called "Judeo-Christian values" seem to always stop at race and the Rio Grande. With the notable exception of the Catholic Church and those religious-based organizations trying to bring some humanitarian sanity to the situation, religious leaders in this country are silent when they should be shouting "for shame" at our racism and xenophobia. They should be shouting "Enough!" at the fear that sends angry mobs of Americans screaming at busloads of brown-skinned kids.

What's the reaction of Republicans, the self-described family values party, to the thousands of children fleeing murderous gang violence in Honduras and to President Barack Obama's request for $3.7 billion to process these kids in a quasi-civilized manner? "Send them back to the butchers as fast as we can and for God's sake don't spend any tax dollars in the process!"

Jay Hilgartner, Baltimore

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