Mizeur's loss not an end to campaign finance reform [Letter]

July 09, 2014

Perry Wheeler's letter, "Heather will be back" (July 5), resonated with me. I also supported Del. Heather Mizeur as a way to combat the power of corporate money in politics. I hope she will be back, but we are still here. Although many folks have given up, American history shows that with persistence we can achieve real reform.

One elected official who has tackled this problem is Rep. John Sarbanes of Maryland's 3rd Congressional District. He has refused political action committee money and is funding his campaign through a matching system called "My Voice Does Count." It is designed to be a model for others who want to rely on small donations and shrug off the influence of the large donors who walk the halls of Congress.

He also has introduced H.R. 20, "The Government by the People Act," which is designed to help this process succeed.

Wherever you live, you can support these efforts and (in the words of James Madison) make government dependent "upon the people alone."

Mark Weaver, Catonsville

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