Will PSC ever turn down BGE? [Letter]

July 09, 2014

As a senior citizen with very limited income, I'm appalled at the fact that more than likely we will receive a rate increase in our Baltimore Gas and Electric Co. bill ("BGE asks for fourth rate increase in four years," July 2). The utility has received multiple rate increases over the past few years without a blink from the Maryland Public Service Commission.

This commission seems to lean toward the BGE increases and never toward the consumer. I note this as someone who over the years has had to, as the saying goes, "rob Peter to pay Paul," with each allowed increase. Where are my fellow senior citizens supposed to come up with these yearly increases?

Let's see, do we decide to stop taking a medication that is keeping us alive, or do we not buy the better cut of meat and eat something less healthy? I wish someone would tell me when the last time the PSC was on our side and said no.

Lois Raimondi Munchel, Forest Hill

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