A clueless attack on Andy Harris [Letter]

July 08, 2014

The clueless writer of your editorial "The Harris boycott" (July 7) totally blew off the fact that Washington, D.C., exists on federal money, and possession of marijuana is still a federal crime.

You accused Rep. Andy Harris of not caring for the concerns of others, yet you support Gov. Martin O'Malley's constant thievery of taxpayers' pocketbooks, even though there are actual statewide polls that show that these taxes are not wanted.

As for the boycott, that's another liberal joke. I know many, many working people who are going to Virginia Beach, Delaware beaches and/or the Outer Banks instead of the Maryland money pit called Ocean City. I personally went to the Outer Banks this year to find cheaper gas prices, very reasonable food prices and very few classless morons who tend to ruin your OC vacation.

Two things are very clear to me, I'll never pay for a Sunpaper and I'll never go to OC again.

Bill Goodman, Baltimore

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