Wine Find | 2013 Duca Garganega-Pinot Grigio

(Handout photo )
July 08, 2014

From: Venezie, Italy

Price: $20/3 liter

Serve with: Crabs, lobster, salmon

This is a superb addition to American consumers' selection of boxed wines — a format that increasingly deserves respect. This dry white wine is a surprisingly full-bodied blend of 80 percent of the little-known Italian variety garganega and the ubiquitous pinot grigio. The garganega must be the key because this wine has more character than most pinot grigios, with its intense nuttiness, creamy texture and hints of pear and minerals. When you consider this wine from Cantina de Soave costs about $5 per standard bottle, it's just an insane value. 

-Michael Dresser, The Baltimore Sun

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