The Ballad of the White Marsh Outlet Mall [Letter]

July 04, 2014

Do they know what they're doing?

Construction jobs pretty good money,

but then they just end.

Retail sales…many low paying,

and often dead-end.

White Marsh Mall…not exactly packed.

It's acres of blacktop

with much underused.

Look out Chesapeake Bay,

more runoff infused.

So once in a while

we may walk through an aisle

of one brick and mortar.

But then we look down

to check on device

how cheap online,

and leave for best price.

Then years down the road,

passing by on 95,

we can only shake our heads.

How long did they thrive?

You know…the outlets back then.

Those poor empty hulks

(with even more blacktop)

could not buck the trend.

Ah, but taxes so tempting

with county complicit.

Are the odds stacked against us

for not being with it?

And then there's the traffic…

oh stop, don't whine!

It'll all get much better

with sales in decline.

But here's an idea

for Paragon to ponder:

We know how our Boomers,

their numbers keep swelling

with places for them

they'll soon way outnumber.

So why on that "Ridge"

not stores for more stuff,

but build them a village

for passage to Yonder.

Tom Groff, Perry Hall

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