There's no constitutional right to free contraceptives [Letter]

July 03, 2014

Will somebody please tell Sandra Fluke to shut up? Her fifteen minutes of fame are over and every time she opens her mouth she simply shows off how stupid she is ("Musings on intolerant lefties and wars on women," May 18).

There is no constitutional right to free contraceptives and the Hobby Lobby decision neither denies her access to contraceptives nor puts her employer in the position of making — and lets be honest about this — sexual relationship decisions for her.

In fact, it empowers her to make her own sexual relationship decisions by spending her own money — which, by the way, is how it should be.

There is no constitutional right to Viagra or any other erectile dysfunction medication either. Those drugs, like contraceptives, should be no more than an option for employee health care plans based on the desires and beliefs of the employer providing the plan.

If you want to have recreational, consequence-free sex, pay for it yourself with your own money.

Robert Gellert, Glen Burnie

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