Sun doesn't understand Common Core [Letter]

July 03, 2014

The "new higher standards" that The Sun's editorial board has just discovered as it defends the Common Core are of great interest to those who were responsible for the learning program of students for the past 50 years ("In defense of Common Core," June 27). It is also an incredible insult to those of us who developed the curriculum and the thousands of dedicated teachers who implemented it and fostered critical thinking routinely in their classrooms. It is not new to the classroom teacher that if a second grade child needs a more challenging text, it is integrated into their program to meet their individual needs. "Wow!"

Another "new" learning accomplishment of Common Core that I am surprised impressed The Sun's editorial board was that children would learn to use math in real-life situations. "Double wow" to that one.

It is clear that the editorial board did not understand the programs of the past and demonstrates its members don't understand the Common Core.

In the "old days," we got our facts straight before we wrote. Has that changed?

I wonder if the board's research reviewed how the private schools are dealing with the higher level thinking strategies. Somehow, they missed No Child Left Behind requirements. Retired and experienced educators are used to seeing the latest "cure" being advocated and now that politicians have these new insights into learning "cures," we sadly shake our heads. There are two books people should review. For parents, I advise reading to their children the book, "The Little Engine That Could." For politicians, they should read "The Emperor Has No Clothes."

It is great that The Sun writes about education. The editorial staff needs to realize that senior educators have not lost their critical thinking skills when reading editorials.

Wayne R. Harman

The writer is a retired former director of elementary education for Baltimore County Public Schools.

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