Robbery victim shot at after giving chase in Mount Vernon

  • Two vehicles collided in the 800 block of N. Howard St. along the light rail tracks.
Two vehicles collided in the 800 block of N. Howard St. along… (Sun photo by Justin Fenton )
June 27, 2014|By Justin Fenton, The Baltimore Sun

A robbery victim was shot at near downtown Baltimore after giving chase to his attacker, resulting in a car crash that stalled the light rail for more than an hour.

The series of events began at around 6:30 p.m., when a man was robbed in the 300 block of Park Ave., according to Det. Jeremy Silbert, a police spokesman. The victim got into a minivan and went after the two people who had robbed him, who were also in a sedan.

The two vehicles collided in the 800 block of N. Howard St. along the light rail tracks, and one of the robbery suspects then opened fire at the victim. The shooter ran from the scene, but the other robbery suspect and the original victim were there when police arrived, Silbert said.

"What we have is really three investigations," Silbert said, referring to the robbery, the crash and the shooting.

MTA services were disrupted with police shutting down Howard Street. At the scene, the minivan was perpendicular to the sedan, which was badly damaged and had been pushed into parked cars. A man could be seen being led by officers into a wagon, and his hands were bagged, which police often do to preserve possible gunshot residue.

A patient at the University of Maryland Medical Center Midtown Campus said he heard screeching tires and looked out the window, and saw the shooting.

"The driver [of the sedan] got out with a gun in his hand, and started shooting," said the man, who is 48 and did not want to give his name due to safety concerns. "He got off like five or six shots."

He said the man being led away by police could be heard protesting that he was the victim, not a suspect.

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