Brown, Hogan offer two different paths, both leading nowhere [Letter]

June 27, 2014

So the primaries are over and a tiny fraction of the voters have chosen a retread of the O'Malley administration to run against a corporate Republican offering us the same old nostrums — tax cuts for businesses and the wealthy — that have failed America for the last 34 years ("The race is on: Hogan, Brown begin sparring in contest for governor," June 25).

How boring and predictable. Voters had a real choice this year in Del. Heather Mizeur's gubernatorial candidacy, but sadly not enough of them bothered to make the 10-minute visit to their polling station to cast a vote that would have made a difference.

They say voters get the government they deserve. So congratulations, Maryland, for voting for the two paths that we already know lead nowhere.

William Smith, Baltimore

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