Stereotypical image of drug addicts [Letter]

June 26, 2014

Mike Gimbel's letter about a harm-reduction program that trains people to administer the anti-overdose medication Narcan was based on an outdated, stereotypical description of drug addicts ("Narcan won't solve the problem of addiction," June 23).

While there may be many drug addicts who "aren't good parents and can't do an honest day's work," I have had the pleasure to know many addicts who go to work every day, are good parents to their children and would be considered contributing members of their community.

While they are still active in their addiction and may be ambivalent about recovery, they are still fighting every day to fulfill their obligations. It is time we as a society recognize that addiction is a disease that does not discriminate and likely affects many of our friends and neighbors as well.

Perhaps when the image of the drug addict that Mr. Gimbel portrays can be challenged is when drug treatment will truly be available to all who need it.

Amy Waldron

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