Vale Tudo changes name to The Rockwell

  • From left: Jamie Fienko, Brienna D'Angelone and Erica Stoney chat at Vale Tudo, which is now known as The Rockwell.
From left: Jamie Fienko, Brienna D'Angelone and Erica… (Karl Merton Ferron / Baltimore…)
June 26, 2014|By Wesley Case | The Baltimore Sun

Vale Tudo, the eye-catching Fells Point bar that opened last winter, will now be known as The Rockwell, according to general manager B.J. Parker. The new name debuts tonight.

The name "Vale Tudo," which means "anything goes" in Portuguese, was a misnomer, he said.

"Vale Tudo didn't fit with what we were trying to do with the rock 'n' roll image of the club," Parker said.

Other changes are coming to the new Rockwell.

Parker said the aim is to "be more of a tavern," which means adding another projector that will display live sporting events. The goal is to eventually have The Rockwell open six days per week (it is currently only open Thursday-Sunday), Parker said. The hope, he added, is that showing sports like other Fells Point bars — while maintaining its own aesthetic — will lead to more business and expanded operational hours.

The Rockwell was also recently approved for live entertainment by the Baltimore City Liquor License Board, Parker said, but it is too early to tell when bands will start performing.

There was one more reason for the name change: Patrons struggled to pronounce Vale Tudo correctly. The most common mispronunciation Parker heard was "Vail To Do." (Had the bar stuck with its original name, it would have made a prime candidate for Richard Gorelick's recent "Baltimore restaurants you're probably pronouncing wrong" gallery.)   

The Rockwell opens at 7 p.m. tonight. For my take on Vale Tudo, read my review from December.

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