Woman need to assert themselves, OK? [Letter]

June 25, 2014

In response to Susan Reimer's interesting column about the tendency of women to apologize to excess ("What are women apologizing for?" June 23), I have observed this lack of confidence in the behavior of mothers trying to control unruly children in public. They invariably append the suffix, "OK?" to their "request" for better behavior. It only weakens the direction to your child and confuses him or her as to what is right.

What mom says is right and she needn't ask her child's permission (OK?) to instruct her child in good behavior. It is a mother's responsibility, not a request. It makes a child feel insecure, as the child is in charge, not the mother. And what mother would feel so insecure that she would ask permission of her child whether or not to behave, OK?

Drop the OK, OK?

Eileen Pollock

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