Recreation Pier was built for fun [Letter]

June 20, 2014

Recent articles in The Sun about the Recreation Pier in Fells Point have said that it was built to store port cargo ("Kevin Plank's Recreation Pier hotel plan moves forward," June 9). That was just one of its uses. The city's main purpose in building the pier was to provide harbor access to the public and recreation for the citizens of Baltimore, the waterfront then "being entirely owned and controlled by the railroads, private corporations and individuals," according to a 1914 engineering report on the pier.

The open promenade deck in the rear had awnings and shelters "somewhat in the manner of the great steel piers in Atlantic City." Inside was a large ballroom with a hardwood floor, later converted to a city recreation center. Most people nowadays think the Fells Point Recreation Pier was a police headquarters, which was its role in "Homicide: Life on the Street." Such is the power of the altered reality of television.

James D. Dilts, Baltimore

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