Sun endorses the status quo [Letter]

June 19, 2014

In talking to fellow Baltimoreans the conversation often turns to our growing dissatisfaction with city institutions. Our elected public officials and agencies too often fail to seriously address the challenges of the day, and our schools continue to rank last in the state.

The police department soaks up an ever-growing share of the budget with little to show in terms of results, and employment opportunities evade far too many of our citizens. And now we even have to question the attentiveness of our last remaining daily newspaper.

All of this came into sharp focus when The Sun published its endorsements for city candidates in the June 24 primary election ("Baltimore City endorsements," June 16). In every race in which it made endorsements, the editorial board somehow decided to recommend every single incumbent officeholder seeking another term — yes, every last one.

Some people think our government is absolutely failing; others may disagree. But I don't think any rational person can argue that our government is running so flawlessly and efficiently that every elected official should be returned to office. It makes one wonder whether anyone on Calvert Street is actually paying attention.

Aaron Meisner, Baltimore

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