No way would two-way work [Letter]

June 15, 2014

I can't imagine why the city is wasting $140,000 to study the feasibility of converting Calvert and St. Paul streets to two-way traffic ("City eyes two-way traffic on St. Paul and Calvert streets," June 11). Why would anyone want to foul up two of the most efficient thoroughfares in the city?

As one who travels both daily, I envision constant gridlock on single lanes in both directions caused by buses, delivery trucks, taxis and temporary double-parkers dispatching riders, groceries, etc. Add to that, every intersection with drivers trying to make left hand turns. It makes me wonder if the authors of these ideas ever actually get behind the wheel. I hope this idea disappears as quickly as the one several years back to put streetcars down the center of Charles Street!

So there you are. Save the $140,000. A study will surely bear out these conclusions.

Michael Styer, Rodgers Forge

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