Balto. Co. Dems a good old boy network [Letter]

June 14, 2014

Its not bad enough that Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz thinks it's fine to scream at the people who elected him as well as belittling them. Now, he thinks it is fine to take his slush fund to try to force people who disagree with him out of office ("Kamenetz the kingmaker," May 22). Guess he didn't take any civic classes in school.

It's not bad enough that the Democratic Party runs the state but now they want everybody in their own party to toe the line or else. Vicki Almond has done a excellent gob as a first term councilman, and that's the problem. She didn't go along with the big money and the developers who fund his campaign.

Another crony of Mr. Kamenetz, Sen. Bobby Zirkin, also has his tie-in with big developers. Remember when he rented his headquarters from a Baltimore County developer below current market rates? Funny that this same developer is also against Ms. Almond and supports challenger Jon Herbst along with Mr. Zirkin. Last year, Mr. Zirkin crafted legislation to go after the wife of a gas pipeline lobbyist for personal gain. I thought that the good old boy network died out, but it seems that the new Democratic leadership wants to bring it back.

Stuart Tamres, Reisterstown

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