Rice, Machado and a tale of two franchises [Letter]

June 13, 2014

What a contrast there's been in the responses by Baltimore sports teams' management to inappropriate behavior by their professional athletes ("Manny Machado 'needs to re-establish himself as a big leaguer,' Dan Duquette says," June 10).

Here we have Mr. Machado, whose misbehavior involved slinging a bat down the third base line, and general manager Dan Duquette is already talking about sending him back to the minors.

Then we have Ray Rice, who by all accounts knocked his then girlfriend out cold, and the Ravens' response is not to respond at all. Other then the sanctions by the NFL, Mr. Rice faces no repercussions from the Ravens organization.

I have an idea: Put in Dan Duquette as general manager of the Ravens and Ozzie Newsome as the Orioles' GM. That way there would be some hope that the severity of the impulsive misbehavior of these young athletes would receive the appropriate consequences.

Martha Lappe, Baltimore

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