Glad to have the choice of a real Democrat in the 42nd [Letter]

June 13, 2014

Unlike the tea party, Democrats do not demand absolute ideological purity. But we do have certain core values that those who claim to be our representatives in Annapolis should be expected to share. So when a politician like Jim Brochin repeatedly takes positions that fly in the face of these values, it is hardly a misrepresentation to call his party affiliation into question.

I mention this in response to a recent letter complaining about negative mailers from Mr. Brochin's opponent, former delegate Connie DeJuliis ("DeJuliis is sliming Brochin," June 7). The mailers suggest that after a career of touting his "independence" from his party — indeed leaving "Democrat" off his campaign literature until now — that Democratic primary voters who now have a viable alternative take a longer look at his record. There they will find that the man the author lauds for voting for gay marriage also tried to strip hate crimes protections from the LGBT community. They will learn that he has supported Draconian cuts in education and public safety and sweetheart tax deals for big corporations and that he opposed Maryland's DREAM Act, which helps immigrant children get the education they have earned.

Ironically, after decrying negativity, the author then repeats the several smears against Ms. DeJuliis that have become Mr. Brochin's stump speech. For the record, the only lobbying she has ever done was fighting for working people in Annapolis, and the votes she missed as delegate, Mr. Brochin's favorite trump card, was time spent at the side of her ailing father, a decorated World War II veteran.

Ask her and she would likely to tell you that if she had to make that choice all over, votes versus family, she would make the same one. As for me, I am glad I have a choice, for a change, to be represented by a real, proud Democrat.

Danica Deere, Parkville

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