Megan Cardin: My husband would make the best AG [Letter]

June 11, 2014

Integrity. Honesty. Positivity. These are not words typically used to describe a politician. They are, however, how I characterize Jon Cardin. They are who he is as a person and how he conducts his campaign for attorney general of Maryland.

We live in a "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" world in which a seed of a half-truth is transformed into a full-blown sensationalized story that's far more assumption and opinion than fact. It's sexy. It sells. It feeds the uninformed. It even fuels opponent campaigns. But it is still only a seed of a half-truth.

I ask that you look beyond the tall tales and focus on the facts about Jon.

The last name might have gotten him in the door, but during his 12 years as a state delegate, Jon has more than demonstrated his own dedication, drive and success to make Maryland a safer, healthier, thriving place to live. What he has done to support Maryland families, women, children, minorities/underserved, the environment, animals and businesses is his own legacy and should not be trivialized to just a namesake.

Over his 12 years serving Maryland, Jon has nearly a 90 percent attendance record in the Ways and Means committee and 100 percent in the House. Jon has shown consistency for developing, sponsoring, and leading legislation to defend voter rights especially for the disenfranchised; protect children, women and families; and keep our environment safe and clean. The same cannot be said about Jon's primary opponent who had, until this year, previously opposed or abstained on much of the legislation that he now claims to be a champion of in his campaign ads. It's true that the opponent has 28 years of experience, but it is ageist to suggest that Jon, at 44 years old and having sponsored more than 1,000 bills during his tenure, is less qualified to be attorney general.

Despite what you may have been led to believe, this year was one of Jon's most productive. He oversaw the implementation of Grace's Law, the toughest anti-cyberbullying legislation in the country. Jon drafted and passed Grace's Law in 2013, and it has since become a national model for addressing these types of online threats facing our children. He sponsored legislation that creates tougher punishment for acts of violence in the presence of a minor. He made revenge porn a crime. Jon passed a task force to study child abuse and neglect in the House that, unfortunately, his opponent for attorney general blocked in the Senate. He created Breanna's Law that requires teens to be trained in potentially life-saving CPR. And, these are just a few examples of Jon's outstanding accomplishments.

Learn more about Jon's record at

Bottom line: Jon is one of the most genuine people I have ever known. I recently asked Jon about a rather reserved response he offered regarding an issue that a supporter was experiencing. He explained that while he'd have liked to offer an outright solution, the problem was actually far beyond the scope of the state's attorney general's office. He said that he doesn't want to promise something that he can't deliver — that it's disingenuous. When's the last time you heard that from a politician?

I love Jon. He's my husband and best friend. He's an amazing father to our daughter, Dorothy, and our rescue pup, Matilda. He's not perfect — he's human. But I haven't met someone who cares more deeply, with more dedication and passion, about Maryland, its people, its environment, its businesses, even its animals than Jon Cardin. As my parents, grandparents, or anyone who knows him would say, he's the "real deal."

I hope that you will give Jon the opportunity to help provide a voice to all those in Maryland who need someone on their side. Vote June 24th. Jon Cardin for Attorney General.

Megan Cardin, Baltimore

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