Ralph Jaffe: 'Why I'm different from the career pols running for governor' [Letter]

June 11, 2014

Recent articles have raised concerns about the amount of money being spent by Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown, State Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler and Del. Heather Mizeur on their campaigns ("Brown touts $800,000 fundraising tally," June 9).

Collectively these self-centered career politicians have raised some $25 million, a large portion of which is being used in media blitzes to con voters to support them. In their book that's a wise use of money. In my book, it is not.

What disturbs me is that the political beat writers continue to ignore the fact that there is another Democratic candidate in this election who refuses to play into this money game. That candidate is rebelling against the current political system by saying to the voters: "No. I'm not going to invade your privacy, look into your magazine subscriptions or Internet histories; I'm not going to ask you for campaign contributions that are nothing but bribes in disguise; I'm not going to lie to you; and, yes, by design my entire campaign budget is just $450."

That's the difference between myself and Ms. Mizeur and Messrs. Brown and Gansler.

Even though Mr. Gansler and Ms. Mizeur kicked me off the May 27 debate on FOX 45, they cannot muzzle me because I let my students do the talking for the movement to get rid of the corruption in Maryland politics.

A vote for Ralph Jaffe in the Democratic primary is a statement proclaiming to all future politicians: "We are going to try something new — honesty!"

Ralph Jaffe, Baltimore

The writer is a candidate for governor in the June 24 Democratic primary election.

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