To follow up Seattle Symphony and Sir Mix-a-Lot, how about Baltimore Symphony and Sisqo?

June 11, 2014|By Tim Smith, The Baltimore Sun

By now, you have surely heard all about the Seattle Symphony's Web-phenomenon -- a viral YouTube clip of the orchestra teaming up with Sir Mix-a-Lot for a version of his 1990s posterior-fixated rap hit "Baby Got Back." By now, you may also be in counseling after seeing the video.

Some folks, among them the ever-readable classical music pooh-bah Norman Lebrecht, have railed mightily against what went down in Seattle. Others see this as a harmless bit of cross-over that can catch the attention of folks who otherwise may never give a symphony orchestra a second thought.

Mostly, I suspect, everyone in the classical business is eying the nearly 2 million YouTube hits for the Seattle Symphony's unexpected brush with fame and wondering how to create something like it. And, because I am such a caring and sharing person, I thought I would make a sure-fire suggestion to my homey band, the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra.

This hip (if not hip-hop) bunch has been known to collaborate with the cool likes of local beatboxer phenom Shodekeh, so it would be a small step to go all out and get a gig going with another Baltimore-bred artist. Yes, Sisqo is who I'm talkin' about.

It should take no more than two shakes of, um, a tail to whip up an orchestral arrangement of Sisqo's indelible hit, "Thong Song." Imagine him on the stage of Meyerhoff Hall with Marin Alsop and the BSO churning out this catchy classic about women and fashion.

In Seattle, Sir Mix-a-Lot had no trouble coaxing a whole bunch of ladies onstage to shake their assets in time with the music. In Baltimore, Sisqo could invite thong-wearers to get in on the action. A YouTube souvenir of that would go seriously viral. Ballistic even. The BSO would never be the same.

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