'24: Live Another Day' recap, Of drone strikes and hospitals

  • Chloe (Mary Lynn Rajskub) finds new information for Jack
Chloe (Mary Lynn Rajskub) finds new information for Jack (Daniel Smith/FOX )
June 10, 2014|By Simon Habtemariam | For The Baltimore Sun

The following takes place between 5-6 p.m.

There's plenty to catch up on after last week’s thriller took every storyline of the season and twisted it in circles.

Let’s start on the streets of London, where Simone Al-Harazi lay immobilized after being hit by a red double-decker bus — because if you’re going to do a show set in London, you need to force in a double-decker bus. Now all they need is a Volkswagen Beetle with the Union Jack painted on it.

After reluctantly and somewhat accidentally killing her sister-in-law (wow, very Freudian), Simone chased down her now-orphaned niece to try and explain the situation. You know, in a calm, cool, collected “family” talk.

Back at the warehouse -- and stop me if you've heard this one before -- Special Forces crash the party and interfere with one of Jack Bauer’s operations, because they thought he was up to no good. This time, it was British MI6 who ruined the fun, on orders from Prime Minister Stephen Fry – who in reality doesn’t trust that Jack is taking orders from a Commander-in-Chief slowly losing his cognitive abilities.

Jack checks up on Agent Morgan, who had been tortured Jack Bauer-style, when Chloe calls with news that she’s found Simone Al-Harazi and successfully traced the bank account activity from the arms dealer to Margot Al-Harazi. Meanwhile, British police are converging on Chloe/Adrian’s hacker club.

After getting debriefed from Jack and finding out about MI5 running interference, President Heller and the PM have some words. Feelings were hurt, trust was betrayed and, well, even Global Leaders have feelings. The PM thought they were “friends,” and he’s hurt that POTUS didn’t TELL him he was losing his mind. That said, he wouldn’t have sent secret agents to spy on Jack. He even pinky-promises to stay out of Jack’s way.

Meanwhile, the EMT calls the first contact in Simone’s phone. Note to global terrorists – don’t save phone numbers in cell phones. Especially do not save your boss under “Mom,” even if your mom is holding the entire country hostage with a fleet of US drones. Nonetheless, Margot sends some assassins to neutralize the threat. Aka, her baby girl.


Back at CIA headquarters, suspicions rise about the covert antics of station chief Eric Navarro. Jordan continues to dig through information that implies Adam Morgan, Kate’s husband, was not a traitor and Navarro planted the evidence against him. We find out the identity of the mysterious scrambled voice is none other than super-hacker Adrian Cross -- the boyfriend of one Chloe O’Brien, who began the season locked in a cell 50 feet below CIA headquarters.

Jack and Kate arrive at the hospital and begin to collect details. Kate goes to interview the niece, while Jack wants to speak with a half-conscious Simone Al-Harazi. Because it works out better that Kate speak with a scared child and Jack speak with a near-death terrorist.

A shady figure we can only assume is Margot’s assassin enters the hospital and steals some scrubs. Kate offers little Yasmin a soda to start talking. She has Yasmin recount the events of the worst day of her 10-year-old life and finds out Simone is her aunt and warned her mother and her to get out of London. And then, in a spine-chilling way, she says she hopes her aunt dies. Foreshadowing much?

Kate deduces that Simone was willing to betray her mother by warning Navid’s family to get out of London and informs Jack that they could turn her for good. This news is overheard by Margot’s assassin, who relays the message back to Mama Bear. She orders Camp Al-Harazi to pack up and relocate, but first let’s point a drone toward the hospital.


Navarro tells Jordan he needs to go out into the field -- every nerd-turned-CIA-analyst’s dream. Because nothing bad can happen to a desk jockey being sent into the field during an unprecedented terror threat as SOON as he starts stumbling on some company secrets.

President Heller tells his inner circle that after they return from London, he’ll be resigning due to his health. Neither his daughter, Audrey, nor his son-in-law, Chief of Staff Mark Bodreau, feels great about the news. But they serve at the pleasure of the President.

Jack begins to interview an awakening Simone. When it becomes clear that she won’t turn easily, he begins pressing into the wound of the finger her mother cut off a few hours ago. Been waiting all season for a good old-fashioned Bauer torture scene. Agent Morgan is not pleased. As if that’s bad enough, he now wants to use her traumatized niece as bait.

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