Wrestling at Ripken Stadium: A running diary from our summer interns

June 09, 2014|By Aaron Dodson, Cody Goodwin and Trevor Hass | The Baltimore Sun

Ripken Stadium — home of the Aberdeen IronBirds — was transformed into a wrestling arena Sunday night for the latest stop on TNA's Impact World Tour. In case you missed it, three dedicated and talented Baltimore Sun summer interns were there to provide a running, retroactive commentary of the event.

Here's the account from Aaron Dodson, Cody Goodwin and Trevor Hass, with time noted on each post:

Aaron 5:22   A Jay Z song is playing that I can't remember the name of for some reason. Cody tries to Shazam it, but nothing comes up. 38 minutes until SHOWTIME!

Trevor 5:23   What is an IronBird?

Cody 5:24   We’re almost 30 minutes away from go time, and there’s literally 63 people here in attendance so far.

Aaron 5:28   There's an old guy ringside with long Michael Bolton-esque hair and a shiny gold wrestling belt. Two questions: How long has he been growing his hair? And where did he get that belt?

Trevor 5:29   They have tampons and napkins in the press box bathroom for 25 cents apiece. Not sure I’ve ever seen napkins sold in a bathroom before.

Aaron 5:31  Here comes the family of tge guy who looks like Michael Bolton. They have belts, too.

Trevor 5:32  I wonder if Cal Ripken Jr. is in attendance. Probably.

Aaron 5:38   Our ringside seats are next to (fake) Michael Bolton and his family.

Aaron 5:49   First Hulk Hogan paraphernalia spotted. A Hulk Hogan bandana with matching Hulkmania shades and Hulk Hogan t-shirt. #uberswaggy

Trevor 5:50   I don’t know what’s more impressive ... that fan’s dedication or your ability to spell paraphernalia.

Aaron 5:51   Uh-oh, the tarp is officially off the ring that’s sitting smack dab on home plate. There was a ladder standing in the middle. I sure am hoping that prop is involved in the show.

Cody 5:56  I’ve heard that this will re-air on Spike on Thursday. Here’s to hoping Trevor disrupts the action for his first wrestling cameo.

Trevor 6:00   I guess you missed my WWE debut the other night. Your loss.

Aaron 6:01   Boy, it got loud when the announcer said “I’ve got a fistful of backstage passes.”

Cody 6:02 A few initial thoughts before the action gets started:

1. I really, really, really hope the wrestlers use bats, seeing as we’re at Ripken Stadium.

2. Think any of the “talent” will use cheesy baseball puns when they talk trash on each other? I’m setting the line at 13 baseball puns — and will gladly take the over.

3. At this time, there might be just over 100 people here in attendance (and that’s counting the Ripken Stadium staff).

Here’s to hoping for an entertaining night.

X Division Title Match: Seiya Sanada (champ) vs. DJ Z

Trevor 6:03
   One guy has multicolored streaks in his hair. It’s almost like someone took every snowball flavor (I’m learning my Baltimore lingo) and sprayed it all over his head. He just told the other guy not to touch his hair.

Aaron 6:04   Correction Trev, “Don’t touch my hair” and “Don’t touch my headphones!”

Trevor 6:06   A kid to my right just yelled “Take the chicken down!”

Cody 6:08   These guys have been fighting for five minutes now, mixing a myriad of punches with random, unorthodox throws. My one question: Why haven’t they broken a sweat yet?

Aaron 6:10 Just heard the two words I couldn’t leave Aberdeen without hearing: “Finish him!”

Aaron 6:12   Sanada maintains his title and takes a victory lap around the ring, letting everyone touch his belt.

Cody 6:13   The crowd’s biggest response, so far, came when the announcer said he’d be giving out backstage passes. Nice.

Trevor 6:13   The crowd seems to hate the wrestlers when they’re wrestling, but they're excited to meet them backstage.

Knockouts Title Match: Angelina Love (champ) vs. Gail Kim

Trevor 6:16   The crowd seems more intrigued by the wrestlers’ aesthetic appearance than their wrestling ability.

Aaron 6:17   Wonder if Gail Kim wants to go with us to Greene Turtle after the matches?

Aaron 6:17   Five seconds into the match: “Finish Her!” Nobody seems to like Angelina Jolie, I mean Love.

Trevor 6:19   Where is the Love? On the floor! Gail Kim ain’t messing around.

Cody 6:19  Love keeps leaving the ring. I’m not sure why.

Aaron 6:20   “Kick the blonde bimbo’s ass, Gail!”, “Angelina looks like an over-sized Barbie doll” The sounds of sitting ringside. I have to say, though. Angelina looks like Pam Anderson’s stepdaughter.

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