More from Manny Machado on his apology for actions vs. Athletics

June 09, 2014|By Alejandro Zuniga | The Baltimore Sun

Manny Machado was given the opportunity to speak to his team in a meeting before Monday's game against the Boston Red Sox at Camden Yards.

Like he has now done publicly, the Orioles third baseman apologized.

“Today, with the meeting, we just got to get focused, get back on track and get back to what we need to do,” Machado said after Monday’s 4-0 win over the Boston Red Sox. “You go up there and say what you are feeling. I went up there and apologized to everybody here.”

Machado earned national scrutiny for three incidents in the series against the Oakland Athletics over the weekend. 

In the series opener Friday, he took objection to a tag by third baseman Josh Donaldson and started an argument that resulted in the benches clearing. On Sunday, the Athletics said Machado failed to properly acknowledge catcher Derek Norris after injuring him with a backswing.

Then, Machado was ejected from Sunday’s game after he let go of the bat and it sailed toward third base following two inside pitches by Athletics pitcher Fernando Abad.

“It got out of hand a little bit,” Machado said. “It was a frustrating weekend. … It got a little heated there for a moment, and I let my emotions take over, which is something that … happens rarely. We’re going to have to learn from it, just like I learned everything else. This is all a learning process.”

After Monday's game, Machado talked about what his teammates expressed during the team meeting.

“Obviously, in situations like that, you get mad at, not the situation, but how it happened,” Machado said. “We’re all on the same page now. They all have my back, and that’s the only thing that matters. From now on, we will learn how to deal with it in different ways and how to approach it.”

Orioles manager Buck Showalter said he hasn’t heard from Major League Baseball about a suspension, though Machado admitted the possibility has crossed his mind. If one is administered, it could happen before Tuesday’s game.

Then, when the Orioles visit Oakland immediately after the All-Star break, Machado hopes to apologize to other Athletics players in person.

“We are all grown men in here,” he said. “That’s something that I shouldn't have done, and now I have to deal with the consequences.”

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