Outraged at lack of doctor background checks [Letter]

June 09, 2014

It is outrageous, if not surprising, that Maryland's Board of Physicians, still afflicted with the arrogant, cover-our-behinds God complex that still seems to come with many medical diplomas, doesn't do criminal background checks on physicians before granting them a license to treat people in Maryland ("State likely didn't know doctor it licensed was guilty of rape," June 5). In fact, according to reporter Scott Dance's excellent story, the docs have actively resisted numerous calls to begin doing these checks.

The result of their foolishness? According to Mr. Dance's story, a doctor convicted of armed rape who served a prison term in Florida was granted a license in Maryland just a few years after getting out of jail. Now, he is accused of assaulting a woman in an urgent care examining room. Board officials are quoted saying they may start doing the checks — next year!

I hope the victim sues both the state and the walk-in clinic firm for millions. If she gets before a jury, she'll get it.

Larry Carson, Columbia

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